LEO Motorcycle Batteries

Leo batteries are the high quality dry charge motorcycle batteries. These type of long lasting batteries can be used in the motorcycles, bikes etc. Following are the valuable instructions to maintain these type of batteries for better performance.

Instructions for use:
The Battery is charged and dry, which means that it may be put into service immediately after filling with acid. However, to ensure good battery performance and long life, a 10 hours freshening charge is recommended after filling.

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Just before filling, remove the rubber cap and connect the vinyl exhaust tube with the exhaust port.

Remove vent plugs and fill cells to 'Upper level' line with electrolyte (diluted sulfuric acid) having a specific gravity as follows:
Cold climate: 1.260 or 1.280 at 20"C (58"F)
Tropical climate: at 20"C (58°F)
When filling the electrolyte, temperature must not be lower than 15°C (86°F).

Allow the battery to stand for some time after filling, before placing on charge. If electrolyte level has dropped, add more electrolyte until 'Upper level' is reached.

Charge until all cells gas freely, and the voltage and specific gravity are constant over three successive readings taken at 30 minute intervals. The total charging time required will be about 10 hours.

After completion of charge, adjust the electrolyte level to 'Upper level'.

Replace the vent plugs tightly, and wash off any electrolyte spilled on the battery. The battery is now ready for use.

Type Volt Capacity (AH) 10 Hrs Charging Rate
Dimension (L x W x H) Acid/Batt
LB 2.5L - C 12 2.5 0.3 80 x 70 x 105 0.24
LB 4L - B 12 4 0.4 120 x 70 x 92 0.35
LB 5L - B 12 5 0.5 120 x 60 x 130 0.35
12N9 - 4B 12 9 0.9 135 x 75 x 139 0.60

Instructions for Daily Maintenance

Check the outside of the battery, terminal parts, battery holder and electrolyte level periodically for any problems, adjusting them if required.
Add refined water regularly.
The electrolyte level must always be kept above the 'Lower level'

line. When it gets lower, refill and adjust with refined water to the 'Upper Level' line. Never use diluted sulfuric acid in lieu of water. In the cold, electrolyte should be agitated fully as shown by gassing during charge after adding water.

Maintain battery in a good charged condition.
If headlamp becomes dim or horn sounds weak, it means the battery is insufficiently charged. Remove the battery from the motorcycle and charge battery at proper rate until cells gas freely and the cell voltage and specific gravity stop rising and remain constant.

Keep battery clean and dry. Keep the outside of the battery clean and dry, especially the terminals.

Caution During Off-Service

Keep the battery fully charged and adjust the electrolyte to 'Upper Level' when the battery is not used. The battery should be charged once a month in stock.

The batteries should be stored in a dry cool area having a constant temperature. Shield from rain, dew and direct sunlight.

General Notice

Battery should be secured firmly in the motorcycle in a proper manner.

Charge the battery fully as soon as it gets discharged.

Consider that the battery should be kept warm and that the charge state should be maintained in order to keep electrolyte from freezing in the cold.

If installed battery is to be left standing for a long time, disconnect ground terminals.

The battery should not be in contact with petroleum or vinyl chloride.

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