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Why should I buy a sealed motorcycle battery from YASAI MF Batteries and not a conventional "flooded" motorcycle battery from somebody else?

Batteries sells only premium sealed and maintenance-free batteries. This is our specialty and the only products we carry. We firmly believe that sealed motorcycle batteries offer you, the motorcycle rider, obvious advantages and long term value over lesser quality conventional batteries.

Why is a sealed motorcycle battery better than a conventional motorcycle battery?
Our sealed motorcycle batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM
improves a battery's performance in the following areas:

  • True sealed and maintenance-free design, you will never have to check or add electrolyte again, unlike conventional batteries which require periodic fluid checks.
  • Liquid-free AGM design, will not leak or corrode on expensive paint and chrome, and also eliminates corrosion around the battery terminals.
  • AGM batteries have less internal resistance which allows them to produce more discharge current (cold cranking amperage) vs. comparable conventional "wet" batteries,and AGM batteries also recharge faster
  • Better resistance to both heat and vibration, a major cause of failure in conventional motorcycle batteries
  • Much slower self-discharge rate, (3% vs.15% per month) means longer periods between battery recharging over periods of non-use, like winter months or vacations.

Can I expect longer service life from a sealed battery?
Yes, due to their sealed design, AGM batteries eliminate water loss due to heat and evaporation. Most people do not check their conventional battery's water level on a regular basis, and as the electrolyte level in the battery goes down, sulphation begins, which will dramatically shorten a conventional battery's life. Also the AGM battery's "Tight pack" lead calcium construction provides better resistance to vibration, there by by increasing it's service life.

Do sealed AGM motorcycle batteries require special charging?
No, most AGM motorcycle batteries can use the same low amp battery chargers that conventional motorcycle batteries use. We recommend a 1-2 amp "Smart" style charger, which will charge only to a certain point then taper down and maintain the battery safely for long periods. Check with the battery manufacturer or reseller on your particular battery's charging requirements.

Are sealed batteries safe?
Actually sealed AGM batteries are safer the conventional wet or flooded motorcycle batteries. The AGM design incorporates special safety valves in the battery case, which are designed to prevent pressure build up inside the battery during periods of excess over charging.

What happens if I open a sealed battery's case?
By opening a sealed battery's case, you release a set internal pressure or psi, which is crucial in a AGM recombination design. In compromising the case you are dramatically shortening it's service life and voiding the battery's warranty.

How due I check a sealed battery's voltage?
Due to the fact that an AGM battery has a sealed case, all you need is a volt meter to read it's voltage. A fully charged AGM battery's voltage should read about 12.7 volts.


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